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Everyone can get at least one of the scholarships. You are qualified regardless race, nationality, age, gender, etc. All are welcome.​

Program Scholarship

The amount varies depending on your GPA and TOEFL/IELTS, how early you apply, etc.

Sakura Scholarship

Our special sponsored scholarship is offered to all of our applicants. This scholarship is for you.

Not qualified for direct admission for world’s quality universities? 

Our transfer pathway is the solution.

🇨🇦 Simon Fraser University

🇨🇦 University of Manitoba

🇬🇧 Cardiff University

🇬🇧 University of Leeds

🇬🇧 Royal Holloway, University of London

🇬🇧 University of Sussex

🇬🇧 University of Hull

🇬🇧 Aston University

🇬🇧 Kingston University

and more!

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You have more reasons to join us in addition to our excellent free scholarship system. Don’t go alone for the ride.

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We are an international group. You will get connected with other internationals before starting your semester.

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We are an official partner of the programs. You will be in the hands of support teams organized by the schools and our office. 

Official Partners

The programs are offered by the biggest and most lilable transfer pathway and international year one providers. Quality guaranteed.

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Apply with our scholarship application form. Our sponsored scholarship is only offered when you use the scholarship form.

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Get an acceptance letter(s) with program scholarship if you are qualified.

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Pay a deposit to the school and secure your enrolment before someone takes your spot.

Step 4

Get a scholarship from our sponsor and be happy. Your scholarship saves not only you, but also your family.

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Up to 8,200 EURO (approx.)

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